Want To Build A Relationship That’s Built To Last? Science Says Do This

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First it was Brad and Jen, now it’s Brad and Ange; just when you think something is built to last, it comes crumbling down. New research is here to shed light on just what it takes to build a relationship that can actually go the distance. Exploring both the age of the couples involved and the length of the relationship, this study discovers the secret to maintaining a love that lasts.

1. THE RELATIONSHIP MUST BE A MUTUAL PRIORITY.According to research, there is one main quality that plays the biggest role in maintaining a long-term relationship. Both parties must consider the relationship more important than individual needs. Research shows that a readiness to put “mutual relationship gains” ahead of personal gains will allow the positive qualities to counteract any conflict that may arise over time—and we know there’s always conflict.

2. AVOID THE ROMEO & JULIET MODEL.Ahh, young love. Remember those relationships in high school—impulsive, exciting, full of drama? Remember how most of them didn’t make it to graduation day? Relationships founded in impetuosity are often doomed before they’ve even begun. Even if you’re not a teenager anymore, if your love life resembles a Taylor Swift song, there’s a good chance it won’t be steady enough to sail the full course.

3. SUPPORT EACH OTHER.Positive assets like support are one of the main four relationship qualities, according to this study. Providing support and also feeling like you are being supported by a partner is imperative to a healthy partnership. This means putting your own needs aside for the sake of the other person or for the relationship. Being supportive means being reliable and consistent. A good relationship should feel like the perfect sports bra: providing just the right amount of support without being suffocating. relationships,relationships,relationships

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