Relationships Aren’t Complicated If The Guy You’re Dating Is Normal

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9. IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THEM.Most guys (at least the normal ones) take pride in protecting and providing for their partner. The overly dramatic guys end up making every event and circumstance about them. It’s always about which one of their issues need fixing and whatever’s going on in their lives always takes center stage. When you date a normal guy, it’s more like a 50/50 situation where you don’t feel like you’re constantly saving your boyfriend from almost drowning every single day. relationships,relationships,relationships

10. THEY DON’T TURN EVERY LITTLE DISAGREEMENT INTO A FIGHT.Normal guys have a good amount of experience with conflict where they’re actually comfortable with a little disagreement here and there and actually welcome it as a way to further grow the relationship, not as an opportunity to unleash their anger and rage.

11. YOU AREN’T GUESSING HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT YOU BECAUSE THEY LET YOU KNOW.Guys who are normal will feel comfortable telling you how they feel about you. They don’t find it too cheesy or lame. They find it appropriate and necessary to cultivate the relationship into something deeper and more meaningful.

12. THEY’RE COMFORTABLE IN THEIR SEXUALITY.Some guys will tend to giggle or act immature in the face of sexual discussion or even during sex itself. A guy who’s normal and mature will take sex seriously and be extra careful in making sure his partner is safe and happy throughout the process.

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