Relationships Aren’t Complicated If The Guy You’re Dating Is Normal

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What I’m describing here is not a perfect man, it’s a normal one—and trust me, they’re out there. You just need to stop falling for the emotional wrecks and start opening your eyes to the kind of guy you truly deserve and who will actually work hard at maintaining the relationship.

1. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.Normal guys have nothing to hide. It wasn’t until I stopped chasing the emotionally unavailable “bad boys” that I discovered how honest and open men can be. Not every guy is going to have the mindset that no one understands him. I was attracted to guys like this for far too long and needless to say, those relationships always ended in disaster.

2. THEY AREN’T PERPETUALLY TRAUMATIZED BY THEIR PAST RELATIONSHIPS.Not every guy has a battered past. You’d be surprised by how much drama and how many complications arise in relationships solely due to past trauma. You might do something that reminds him of his ex-girlfriend which can totally send him for a loop. What you don’t realize is that his sudden burst of moodiness is the result of not having let go of his last relationships. Choose another guy.

3. THEY’RE GOOD AT COMMUNICATING.Did you know that there are guys out there who actually LIKE to talk about their feelings? I know—crazy, right? Not every guy acts like he’s an island and some even look forward to talking about what’s going on inside. I’ve witnessed this many times and always end up pleasantly surprised by it.

4. THEY DON’T LIE FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT.There was actually a survey done on why men and women lie in relationships and it turns out that most men lie to save themselves, whereas women will lie to benefit the other person. Although this is disheartening to hear, the survey said that most men lie for themselves, not all. There are still some good, normal guys out there, so don’t give up.relationships,relationships,relationships

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