If Your Partner Says These 7 Things During Fights, Your Relationship Won’t Last

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5″This Just Isn’t Working.”

Turns notes that this is another way that some people indicate that your relationship is going to end. If your partner says that your relationship isn’t working, that’s not a comment that you should just brush off as nothing. “When fighting, the two individuals need to know that they are a team fighting the problem, not fighting one another,” Turns adds.relationships,relationships,relationships

6Anything That’s Them Getting Defensive

Defensiveness means that they’re refusing to take responsibility for their actions, and most arguments aren’t just one person’s fault. Ingenohl says that this is another of Gottman’s “four horsemen” and that therapists can help couples learn to communicate with one another without doing these sorts of things. But when in doubt, there are some things that you can do to model the sort of communication you should be using with one another. “When you are angry upset use ‘I statements,'” Ingenohl advises. “Listen carefully to what your partner is saying to you. Repeat back to them what they have said so they know you understand. Take a pause before you respond so you are not defensive.”

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