If Your Partner Says These 7 Things During Fights, Your Relationship Won’t Last

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3.”You Always/Never…”

Pointing fingers and playing the blame game isn’t a good tactic during arguments with your partner, so if they’re doing these things to you, that’s potentially a sign that things might not work out. Julie Ingenohl, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, tells Romper by email that this is one of John Gottman’s “four horsemen,” which he found in research can hint that a couple might be more likely to divorce. Chances are you don’t “always” or “never” do very many things, so your partner shouldn’t accuse you of that.relationships,relationships,relationships

4″I’m Done.”

Wagner says that this kind of comment can make you feel like your partner has abandoned you in your relationship and that can cause some big issues. “This overall lack of safety begins to build a wall of mistrust, and people tend to stop investing and holding back,” Wagner adds. “When this occurs, people no longer show their parter their authentic selves, and things start to feel hopeless, and fake.”relationships,relationships,relationships

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