If Your Guy Sends You Any Of These Texts, You’re In An Abusive Relationship

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Yes, it’s possible to be in an abusive relationship and not even realize it. Sometimes, toxic, controlling behaviors are presented as loving, caring, or even invested. If you’ve received any of these texts from your boyfriend, you need to break up with him ASAP.

1. “YOU NEED TO TELL ME WHERE YOU’RE AT AND WHO YOU’RE WITH.” Any variation of this text counts. He’s your boyfriend, not your babysitter, and while you may feel inclined to let him know where you are or who you’re with, that should be up to you, not something he assumes is his right to know. Demanding your whereabouts is a major red flag and you need to get away.

2. “WHY WOULD YOU POST A PICTURE ON SOCIAL MEDIA WEARING SOMETHING SO REVEALING?” You can post pictures of you wearing whatever you want.If he decides to ridicule or criticize you for it, he’s being abusive. If he texts you something like this, he can’t trust you and he’s letting his jealousy control his feelings and actions. relationships,relationships,relationships

3. “YOU NEED TO ANSWER ME NOW OR ELSE.” Whether you’re in a fight and need some space, or just busy at work or out with your friends, this kind of aggressive, angry text is a sign of an abusive relationship. You’re allowed to take time to yourself, you can take space when you need it, and if he’s refusing to let you have that, that’s abuse. relationships,relationship,relationships

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