If He’s Got One Foot Out The Door Of Your Relationship, He Might As Well Just Leave

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One of the worst feelings in a relationship is when you can tell the person you’re dating isn’t so sure if they want to be with you anymore. Whether they vocalize their feelings or you can just tell by the way they act, it can drive you crazy trying to get them to change their mind and pull them back to you. But if your partner seems on the fence about staying with you, this is why you should let him go rather than trying to hold on:

1. YOU DESERVE SOMEONE WHO’S ALL-IN.I guarantee there are plenty of guys out there who are funny, smart, cute, and wouldn’t constantly leave you wondering if they were just going to up and leave one day. Why try to keep this dude around if he’s unsure about how he feels about you? You know what you have to bring to the table, so settling for someone who doesn’t appreciate you just because you like (or even love) him is doing a disservice to yourself.

2. YOU’LL DRIVE YOURSELF CRAZY TRYING TO KEEP HIM INTERESTED.You have nothing to gain except a new sense of insanity by trying to keep this dude around. Never allow yourself to believe that his indecision is your fault or that something you will or won’t do will make the difference between him staying or leaving. By trying to be the “perfect” woman for him, you’ll feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells in an attempt to convince him that you’re worth sticking around for. Keep your sanity, lose the guy.

3. YOU CAN’T CHANGE HIM.I can guarantee you’re not the first or the last woman he’s had commitment issues with. While some commitmentphobes eventually find a woman they want to settle down with, they do it because they’re ready, not because the woman they’re dating follows all the right steps to turn them into someone they’re not. You’re just going to wear yourself out if you attempt to convert him into someone who’d stay by your side even when things get rocky. relationships,relationships,relationships

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