I Always Ended Up In One-Sided Relationships Until I Broke The Cycle By Doing These 8 Things

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7. I STARTED LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE THAT CARE ABOUT ME. These toxic relationships made me feel like I almost had something to prove. I didn’t want to feel like a failure, so even if my friends and family gave me warnings about what they were seeing, I blatantly ignored what they had to say and thought I knew best. When I started actually taking the words these people were saying to heart and applied some of their advice, it got a lot easier to pull myself out of my own bubble and start seeing that they were right. They didn’t always know exactly what was best, but some of what they said was very helpful and as long as they were speaking to me from a place of love, I knew it would be worth taking into account. I always listen to what they have to say and it hasn’t led me astray yet.

8. I ALLOW MYSELF TO HAVE SETBACKS.As someone who does have a hard time accepting failure, I had to accept that I won’t do everything perfectly every time. It seems like the simplest principle to come to terms with but for me, it was brutal. Now if I find myself with someone and I know that our relationship is starting to head in the direction of my past loves, I don’t get as bent out of shape and run myself ragged trying to fix it. I cut myself some slack and understand that some things just aren’t meant to work out.relationships,relationships,relationships

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