Has Your Relationship Hit These 10 Couple Milestones? If So, You’re Meant To Be

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7. HAD YOUR FAIR SHARE OF FIGHTS AND RESOLVED THEM MATURELY It might sound confusing that you have to fight in order to figure out if you can handle forever but it’s true. Every couple is going to fight from time to time and you need to know if you’re able to work together and find solutions or if you’re a couple that will never see eye to eye and never be able to compromise. If you want the relationship to last forever, you have to discover whether you can get over the bumps in the road or whether they’ll make you go your separate ways.

8. LET ALL OF YOUR SKELETONS OUT OF THE CLOSET Couples who keep secrets aren’t the types of couples that last forever. Secrets eat away at a relationship. You have a past and so does he but what matters is who you are now together. Let him in on what led you to be who you are today and get to really know the man you want to spend your life with because if you don’t, you never know when the secrets of the past might come back to haunt you.

9. CONSIDERED IF YOU COULD LIVE WITHOUT EACH OTHER Sure, heartbreak might not kill you, but would you truly be able to be happy without the person lying next to you or would you spend the rest of your days thinking of them as the one that got away? If you could bear the thought of life without each other or even imagine being happy without each other then you’re not in a forever kind of love. relationships,relationships,relationships

10. FORGIVEN YOUR EX You can’t commit your whole heart to one man when you’re still holding a torch for another. Even if that fire is simply a flame of hatred, it means that you haven’t moved past your breakup. If you really want to move on, you also need to let go. Forget the promises he made and forgive him for the way he hurt you. After all, if he didn’t break your heart, you might still be with the wrong guy and not with your forever man. relationships,relationships,relationships

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