Has Your Relationship Hit These 10 Couple Milestones? If So, You’re Meant To Be

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4. SPENT AT LEAST A WEEK LIVING TOGETHER Whether you actually live together or go on vacation, you need to know what it’s like to be with each other 24/7. A few hours a day hanging out, a day long date, or even a weekend getaway isn’t enough to see if you’re truly compatible. You need to see if you can stand the heat and take each other’s little quirks and annoyances or if you can’t stand spending that much time together. That’s the true test of whether you’re meant to be or just meant for right now.

5. MET EACH OTHER’S FAMILIES For some people, whether or not their partner gets along with their family can be a dealbreaker. So what happens if you hate his family or he hates yours? What happens if one of you is super close with your family and the other can stand them? Or what if your family is the one who hates your partner? Will you be able to handle that struggle or will you decide it’s easier to find someone who fits in with your roots?

6. CHOSE TO LOVE EACH OTHER EVEN WHEN YOU’VE HATED EACH OTHER No matter how amazing of a couple you are, you’re not always going to like each other. Sometimes you’ll get on each other’s last nerve, but is that when you call it quits? You have to know what it’s like to choose to love someone even when they’re driving you nuts. If you can’t love him while you hate him, then it’s never going to last.

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