Has Your Relationship Hit These 10 Couple Milestones? If So, You’re Meant To Be

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The majority of couples don’t stay together forever—that’s some harsh reality but it’s the sad truth. So how do you know if you and your partner are playing for keeps? Well, not until you’ve at least done these 10 things:

1. DISCUSSED HAVING KIDS Kids are such a big part of life and how a person feels about them being a part of their life doesn’t usually change. You can’t really talk a man into being a father any more than he could talk you into being a mother. You either want to have kids or you don’t. Make sure you’re on the same page about this huge life factor or your forever guy might just be temporary.

2. GOTTEN PAST THE HONEYMOON STAGE AND STILL BEEN CRAZY ABOUT EACH OTHER The first few months of a relationship can be amazing but things don’t stay perfect forever. It takes time to get to know the real ins and outs of each other. Just because you might feel like you’re in a love like never before within just a few weeks, don’t jump the gun. There’s no need to rush into forever. Take your time, get past the honeymoon stage, and see how you feel after you’re past the initial attraction and things start getting real.

3. TALKED ABOUT YOUR CAREER GOALS You might think it’s a question strictly for job interviews, but where you see yourself in 10 years can be just as important to a relationship. If you think he’s your forever man then you need to know that the future you see for yourself is one he sees for himself too. However important your career is and wherever that may take you can all factor into whether you last forever or whether you’re a couple with a time limit.relationships,relationships,relationships

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