Are You In An Almost Relationship? 10 Awkward Signs He’s Not Quite Your Boyfriend

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Our generation has mastered the three to six month period of an “almost relationship” when you’re totally dating but refuse to admit it. You can pretend all you want that you’re not playing house, but eventually, a disaster will ensue when one of you realizes you’re in too deep.  If these awkward situations sound familiar, your situationship probably qualifies.

1. WHETHER OR NOT TO TEXT GOOD MORNING HAS BECOME AN INTERNAL DEBATE.It’s common in most serious relationships for your partner to be the first person you talk to every morning and the last each night. When you’re texting all day and are super up to date on each other’s lives but not officially dating, is the “sweet dreams” text expected or excessive? To be safe, you settle for once or twice a week instead of every day.

2. NOT KNOWING WHAT THE HELL TO CALL HIM IN STORIES IS A MAJOR STRESSOR.First of all, the fact that you’re telling your friends about a guy you’re not seriously dating already says something, but it’s even more obvious you’re in an almost relationship when you have no clue how to refer to him. You can’t say he’s your boyfriend but he’s clearly more than your friend. Ugh. relationships,relationships,relationships

3. WHEN YOU’RE OUT AT THE BAR, YOU’RE UNSURE WHETHER OR NOT YOU CAN FLIRT WITH OTHER DUDES.It’s up to you and whoever you’re seeing if you’ve talked about dating other people, but it can feel so freaking awkward to pass out your number to someone else at the bar when you’re 99 percent sure you’re heading to your kinda-dude’s place later. If you’ve given each other permission to see other people and you still feel weird about actually doing it, you’re definitely caught in an almost relationship.

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