8 Ways Your Relationship With Your Partner Changes After Baby

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5. Modesty and manners are now an afterthought.

Look, most of us abandoned these things in relationships a long time ago (I stopped peeing with the door closed when my husband and I were dating, thank you very much). But parenting takes things to a whole new level of giving zero fucks about letting it all hang out. There’s just something about, gee I dunno, pushing a human being out of one’s body, or watching another person push a human out of the aforementioned body, that immediately sends all established social norms out the window. (Of course it’s not just the birthing process that changes things – if you adopt, I’m guessing there are still plenty of other intense moments that render you fuck-less.) Kids bring out the most animalistic of your instincts. “Please” and “thank you” are long gone, replaced by “go to the store and get me more nipple cream now, goddamnit!”relationships,relationships,relationships

6. You occasionally feel more like co-workers than a couple.

At times, parenting feels like you’re running a company with only two employees, whose sole job is to take care of the kids. You tag team, you get through the day’s chores, you share Excel docs full of meal plans and grocery lists, send calendar invites for important kid-related events, and take turns shuttling tiny humans to play dates and gymnastics and birthday parties. You see each other in passing and offer up mild-mannered hellos. It’s just like an office, only there’s no clocking out of this job. relationships,relationships,relationships

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