8 Ways Your Relationship With Your Partner Changes After Baby

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3. Your sex life switches from spontaneous to scheduled.

“Honey? I’m checking your Google calendar. Can we pencil in a quick bone sesh for Friday at 9 after the kids are in bed, and before I pass out around 10?”

Look, the conventional belief is that once kids show up, your sex life as you know it is gone for good. And hey, that might be true for you, especially during those first few months after the baby’s born. Because let’s be real: sex is the last thing on your mind when you first bring home a small human who, in many cases, immediately makes your body its personal feeding trough. But this sex-free state is not actually permanent.

Sure, penciling in a romp on your calendar between dinner plans and soccer games can feel like it’s taking the fun out of things, but when you have kids, it’s kinda the only way to get things … you know … done. And look on the bright side — it gives you something to look forward to and is a great reason to shower!

4. Who has time for sexting when there are potty pics to send?

There’s nothing like the arrival of kids to change the tone of your text messages to each other from sexy time to a running log of what your kids are doing. Those racy pics you used to send have been replaced by very thrilling and totally sexy exchanges about picking up diapers at the grocery store and nailing down who’s packing tomorrow’s lunches. Multitasking’s not quite as sexy as racy pics, so maybe follow it up with something X-rated to keep ‘em on their toes.relationships,relationships,relationships

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