7 Things Your Partner Only Says If They Don’t Think Your Relationship Will Last

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5″That Person’s So My Next Partner.”

“Yes, just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you no longer notice other attractive people, but how does your partner communicate that,” Parisi says. “That kind of discussion is mean and hurtful, whether or not they say they’re joking.”

If your partner talks about their next partner, that can be a pretty clear sign that they think your relationship will end at some point.relationships,relationships,relationships

6″I Can’t/Am Not Ready For…”

Whether it’s meeting your friends and family, having you meet theirs, moving in together, getting married, having kids, or something else entirely, if your partner says that they’re not ready or can’t do something, it could potentially be a way for them to express that they’re not sure you have a future together. Getting invested in each other’s lives is commitment and if they have doubts about whether or not you’ll make it, they might not want to take that leap.

“There’s always an excuse,” Parisi says. “Someone who’s in it is going to put some effort in. When they always have ‘no money,’ are ‘really busy at work,’ ‘don’t feel good,’ ‘isn’t my thing,’ ‘just want you all to myself,’ ‘my ex used to pressure me all the time so I had to take a step back,’ and ‘can’t we just enjoy what we have now?’ There’s a common theme. It’s all about them.”relationships,relationships,relationships

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