13 signs that your relationship will last

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You have similar goals.

You both know what you want and it lines up. Unsplash/Tom Pumford

Sometimes a relationship’s success isn’t determined just by how much work each partner puts in or their personalities. Sometimes it’s all up to chance.

If you and your partner have similar goals that would take you to similar places, that is a big factor in determining if you’re in it for the long haul, therapist Jim Seibold told INSIDER.

This is a good reminder than you should be having frequent chats about what you want out of the relationship, and life, in regards to kids, marriage, jobs, and location.relationships,relationships,relationships

You’re keeping up your physical intimacy.

It’s not just about sex. Unsplash/Brooke Cagle

It probably goes without saying that being unhappy with your sex life can be a strain on your relationship and could even cause a split. But physical intimacy comes in many forms, all of which are important.

Even if you’re not getting it on every single night, showing even the slightest form of physical affection can keep the relationship strong.

“You physically touch each other,” Hershenson said. “Whether it’s a kiss hello or goodbye, snuggling on the couch, or holding hands. Even non-sexual touching builds connection between partners.”

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