11 Expectations You Need To Drop If You Want Your Relationship To Last

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When you’re in a relationship, it’s normal to expect certain things from your partner—you have desires and needs that should be met in order for you to be happy and fulfilled, after all. However, sometimes expecting too much can cause all sorts of problems in your relationship. If you really want to have a healthy relationship, you should never expect these 11 things from your partner:

1. THAT THEY’LL CHANGE FOR YOU There’s literally no one in this world who loves everything about their partner. There will always be something about your partner that you don’t like. Sure, it’s not uncommon for people to change for the person they love, but you should never expect them to actively change for you. That decision is for them to make. Besides, you knew what you signed up for when you started dating. Plus, you likely have traits your partner doesn’t like and you wouldn’t feel right changing for them.

2. THAT THEY’LL APOLOGIZE NO MATTER WHO WAS WRONGMillenial women are independent and proud—we don’t really like apologizing during a fight, whether we admit it or not. Even when deep down we know it’s our fault, we still expect our partner to apologize to us and promise to make up for whatever it is that they did wrong. But just like you, your partner probably doesn’t like apologizing either, especially if it’s obviously your fault. Own up to your mistakes and your partner will try to understand you and comfort you instead of continuing to fight.

3. THAT THEY’LL SHOWER YOU WITH GIFTS AND SUPPORT YOU FINANCIALLY Your partner isn’t a limitless credit card. Just like you, they’re working their ass off to be able to live a comfortable life. How would you react if your roles were switched and you had to shower them with gifts, all while struggling to make ends meet? If you keep doing this, they’re eventually going to think this is what you keep them around for and they’ll start losing interest in you.

4. THAT THEY’LL DO CUTE OR ROMANTIC THINGS FOR YOU Practically everyone wants their partner to do romantic stuff for them. Unfortunately, most guys don’t care for romance and don’t see its value. Just because you see a man giving his partner a bouquet of flowers in a chick flick doesn’t mean yours has to do the same. Men show their love in more subtle ways, like rubbing your back when it’s sore or making you something delicious to eat. Learn to appreciate these little things. relationships,relationships,relationships

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