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10 Ways You Let Your Relationship Define You Without Even Realizing It

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Your life changes when you suddenly have someone to share it with, and while it’s natural to want the world to know how happy you are, there’s a thin line between being enthusiastic about love and downright obsessed with it. Here are 10 signs you’re letting your relationship define you without even realizing it:

1. YOU DON’T SHOW UP TO EVENTS WITHOUT YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER.  It’s always more fun going places when you have someone to go home with, but you shouldn’t let a lack of a date prevent you from going out. Even if your significant other can’t make it, you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to bail on plans. If you don’t feel comfortable going places without your guy then it’s definitely a sign you’ve become too dependent on him. You need your own independence if you want your relationship to remain strong.

2. YOU STOP HANGING OUT WITH YOUR OLD SINGLE FRIENDS. It’s harder hanging out with single friends while you’re in a relationship since you don’t want anyone to feel like a third wheel, but you shouldn’t let your relationship status get in the way of your friendships. You should be able to hang out with your friends without your partner — and without anyone feeling like extra baggage.

3. YOU’RE TOO LOUD ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND IN PERSON.If you’re the type of person that likes to brag about your significant other to everyone, you need to ask yourself why you do it. It’s not healthy to need everyone to know that you’re part of a couple. If this is something you feel, you might like the idea of a relationship more than the actual relationship itself. 

4. YOU JUDGE OTHERS BASED ON THEIR RELATIONSHIP STATUS (OR LACK THEREOF).If you’re becoming too defined by your significant other, you’ll start to judge others based on their relationship status. You’ll compare yourself and your lover to other couples and will question what’s wrong with someone when you find out they’re single. However, judging other people’s romantic lives in this way is obviously unhealthy and will only make you more obsessed with the superficial aspects of your own relationship.

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