10 Signs Your Relationship With Your Work Husband Is Bordering On Inappropriate

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8. YOU START HAVING SEX DREAMS ABOUT HIM. Our dreams are where our unconscious minds work out all the stuff that’s pent up. We do things in our dreams that we would never do in real life because our dreams show us what we’re really hung up on and not willing to think about when we’re awake. If you start having sex dreams about your work husband, don’t freak out. It doesn’t mean anything more than he’s on your mind a lot. However, it does mean that it’s time for you to examine how you feel about him and set appropriate limits around your interactions.

9. YOU ACTIVELY FLIRT WITH HIM AT WORK. We all engage in harmless flirting to boost our egos, and generally speaking, there’s anything wrong with that. Still, if you’re flirting with your work husband nonstop, it can get dicey because you already have a close relationship with him. What seems like harmless flirting may actually be bordering on dangerous.

10. YOU’RE DISHONEST ABOUT YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH HIM. We’ve all heard the old saying “honesty is the best policy,” but this isn’t just some tired cliche. If you’re not being completely honest with yourself or others, it’s because you feel like you have something to hide, which usually means you’re feeling guilty. If you start to hide how often you’re talking to, texting, or hanging out with your work husband from your friends, family, or partner, you’re in too deep. Come clean with someone, especially your partner if you have one, and work on resetting the boundaries with your work husband. relationships,relationships,relationships

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