10 Signs Your Relationship With Your Work Husband Is Bordering On Inappropriate

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5. YOU TELL HIM THINGS YOU HAVEN’T EVEN TOLD YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Sometimes, to avoid talking to our significant others about something, we seek the advice of a trusted friend. Of course, this is entirely normal, but if you find you’re talking to your work husband about things you’re actively hiding from your significant other, you’re not setting good boundaries AND you’re being dishonest. This guy shouldn’t know more about the real you than your actual partner.relationships,relationships,relationships

6. YOU HANG OUT WITH HIM AFTER WORK MORE THAN A FEW TIMES A MONTH. Again, it’s totally normal for work husbands to become outside of work friends, which means you may go out after work for drinks every once in a while or hang out with other coworkers outside of work. You’re getting into a shady gray area if you start going out with him alone and if it starts to happen frequently. If you find yourself alone with him or out with him and others more than a few times a month, you’ve reached too close territory.

7. YOU THINK ABOUT HIM ALL THE TIME. When you’re having trouble in your relationship, work husbands are usually the first in your mind because you’ve already developed a close relationship with him and you see him all the time. If you’re thinking about your work husband a lot, even when things are going well with your guy, you’ve blown past the warning signs of “too close” and have moved to being totally inappropriate.

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