10 Signs Your Relationship With Your Work Husband Is Bordering On Inappropriate

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We spend a majority of our waking hours at work, which means we’re often spending more time with our coworkers than our partners. A lot of us have that one coworker of the opposite sex we’re particularly close with: our work husband. There’s nothing wrong with having a work husband, but things can get complicated when you get a little too close to him. Here are some signs you’re crossing the line:

1. YOU TALK TO HIM LITERALLY ALL DAY. Work husbands usually have a desk near you, which makes it easy to chat about this and that while you’re getting some work done. Most offices also have an internal chat system, which means that you can hit up your work husband any time throughout the day. If you find yourself talking to him literally all day, especially about non-work related things, you might need to take a step back.

2. YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER TO HIM. We all talk to our work husbands about our personal lives, which includes talking about our significant others, but if you find yourself deep diving with your work husband about all the things your significant other is doing wrong, you’ve already blurred the boundaries a bit and you’re definitely out of line.

3. HE COMPLAINS ABOUT HIS SIGNIFICANT OTHER TO YOU AND YOU COMFORT HIM. Talking with him about your life creates a familiarity that invites him to share as well. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it blurs the lines of what should be discussed and what shouldn’t. If your work husband starts complaining to you about his partner, it means that his relationship with you is starting to be more than professional or even casually friendly. Set some boundaries before this goes too far.relationships,relationships,relationships

4. YOU FREQUENTLY TEXT HIM AFTER WORK. Work husbands often turn into close friends outside of work as well, so it’s not uncommon to have his number. Texting him occasionally to send a funny picture of something you saw or a link that made you think of him is one thing, but if you start getting into long text conversations with him on a regular basis, you’re headed for the danger zone.

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