10 Cruel Love Laws You Cannot Avoid

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All relationships change over time. The longer you spend together, the more changes happen. Some of them can be scary or disturbing. However, if you take a closer look at them, it will be clear that they are just a new stage of your love.

Avangrav invites you to take a look at 10 love laws that every couple confronts.

10. Trust is extremely fragile.


All relationships are based on trust, and sometimes it might seem very solid. This is a very deceptive and dangerous feeling because the trust between spouses can be broken very quickly and easily.

9. Sometimes you’ll be bored together.


It’s only in dreams that an ideal couple does everything together, never getting bored together. In real life, a book or a meeting with friends might be more interesting than an evening together with your spouse. It doesn’t mean there is a distance between you. Just rest separately a little, and soon you will have fun together again.

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